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Technical specification

Technical specification

Ground clearance: 152 mm.
Steering lock (between pavement edges): 10.1m – three and a half turns of the steering wheel.

Model without hood:
Dry weight (without options): 983 kgs
Kerb weight (with tools, fuel, oil and water): 1034 kgs
Hard top version: + 25 kg around.

Maximum power: 150 cv DIN at 5500 rpm
Maximum torque: 23.4 mkg at 3500 rpm
Compression ratio: 9.5:1
Cubic capacity: 2498 ccs
4-stroke straight 6
Bore and stroke: 74.7mm x 95mm
Fuel feed by injection pump (Lucas Mark II injection)
Coil and distribution Ignition Lucas HA.12), firing order: 1-5-3-6-2-4
Champion N9Y plugs
Battery: 12 V 57 Ah
Alternator: 28 amp max.

Rear-wheel drive. Dry single disc clutch.
4-speed synchronised gearbox: optional overdrive on 2nd, 3rd and 4th  gears, reverse.
Hypoid torque. Laycock de Normanville overdrive.
Stainless steel drive shafts with needle bearings.

1st: 3.14 – 2nd: 2.01 – 2nd OD: 1.64 – 3rd: 1.33 – 3rd OD: 1.08 – 4th: 1.00 – 4th OD: 0.819. Reverse: 3.22. Torque: 3.45:1. 

Box chassis with cross members. Independent front suspension with wishbones and helicoidal springs. Rear independent suspension with trailing links and helicoidal springs. Telescopic hydraulic shock absorbers at the front with pistons at the rear. 

Discs at the front and drums at the rear. Girling hydraulic. Direct power braking. Calliper disc’s diameter 27.62 cm, 22.9 cm drums. Mechanical hand brake acting on rear wheels only. 

Rack and pinion. 15-inch diameter three spoke wheel with leather rim. 

Steel wheels, disc type with magnesium hubcaps. Rims 4 ½ J.
Options: wire wheels (60 spokes) with octagonal central wheel nut. 15 inches. 
Tyres 165 x 15”; Dunlop Sp41 16HR-15 or Michelin 16HR – 15 “XAS” (option). 
Front tyre pressure: 1.54 kg.cm2 – rear: 1.82 kg/cm2.

Maximum speed: around 190 km/h (manufacturer’s figure: 200km/h).
400 m standing start: 16.5s. 1000 m standing start: 30s. 
Fuel consumption: 12.4 litres per 100 kms at an average speed of 90 km/h. Sports use: over 16 litres. 

Fuel tank: 51 litres.
Engine sump: 4.52 litres.
Gearbox: 1.13 litres – with overdrive: 2 litres.
Rear axle: 1.41 litres.
Cooling system with heating: 6.2 litres.

Open 2-seater sports car. Steel bodywork with anti-rust treatment. Safety locks. Detachable,  bolted on front and rear wings. 

Upholstery: Simil leather PVC. Ambla seat upholstery. 

Seats: Bucket seats adjustable towards front and rear front folding down to provide access to the rear.

Dashboard: Mat walnut finish.
12.7 cm diameter rev counter and speedometer. Daily mileage. 
Gauges for ammeter, fuel, water temperature and oil pressure. 
Warning lights: ignition, headlights, indicators, and oil pressure. 
For left-hand drive cars only: brake circuit and warning light.
Recessed dials with blue lighting and bevelled profiles plus anti dazzle. 
Mat black circles around dials.

Controls, instruments and indicators:

Technical specification

1. Windscreen washer switch - 2. Windscreen wiper switch - 3. Speedometer - 4. Trip odometer - 5. Hazard warning indicator*6. Hazard warning switch*7. Brake-line failure indicator*8. Tachometer - 9. Temperature gauge - 10. Oil pressure gauge
11. Ashtray -  12. Instrument illumination rheostat - 13. Fuel gauge - 14. Ammeter
15. Cold-start mixture control - 16. Glove box - 17. Fresh-air vent - 18. Fresh-air vent
19. Fresh-air vent - 20. Overdrive switch - 21. Fresh-air vent - 22. High-beam indicator
23. Turn-signal control - 24. Odometer - 25. Turn-signal indicator
26. Trip release control - 27. Low oil pressure indicator
28. No-charge indicator - 29. Lighting switch - 30. Air distrubution control
31. Blower switch - 32. Gear-shift lever - 33. Radio - 34. Heat control
35. Ignition/starter switch - 36. Scuttle-vent control - 37. Horn-push.

*L.H. Steering only.